The weirdest online shopping habits of Chinese go beyond your imagination

Alibaba released interesting stats on the weirdest shopping trends in China on Double 11 shopping day.

Infographic: Tencent Q3 report shows USD 4B year-on-year revenues

Tencent’s Q3 financial report shows that the mobile market is a key growth point for the company.

Deadly Android virus infects 20,000 apps including Facebook

Following the September news of Apple’s appstore break-in, a new, deadly virus has been discovered in many of Android’s third-party marketplaces around the world.

The 5 must-have apps among China’s foodies

AllChinaTech puts together a list of must-have apps catered to foodies in China’s apposphere.

Knockoff smartwatches bests Apple Watch sales in China

The Apple Watch has trumped its rivals in the nascent smartwatch sector but overlooked has been the enormous low end market for clones and noname brands.

Chinese Internet watchdog slams Baidu, Huawei, Sina for privacy violations

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has flagged 21 domestic technology companies for abuse of user privacy, the packaging of bloatware and security flaws.

Xiaomi CEO: The next 10 years will continue to be a golden decade for entrepreneurs

In a recent speech, Leijun highlights three key markets for the next 10 years: the mobile internet market, the rural market, and the enterprise service market.

Exclusive report: Tencent releases key user data for WeChat, 570M login users and 200M Payments users

AllChinaTech is at 2015’s Tencent Global Partner Summit in Chongqing to reveal first-hand and the latest important data for China's leading social network.

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Tech Junction: New Space 99 degree AI class review

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