Investing in knowledge is investing for the future

Paid online content provides quality material for self-study and does not cost a fortune.

Which people are using mental health apps for therapy in China?

A prominent mental health app is a window into the world of mental health in China.

China’s Forbidden City apps bring priceless relics to the mobile generation

The historic majestic museum and its 21st century apps create an interesting contrast.

The economy behind influencer brands in China

Online influencers in China are turning their online fame to massive fortune, creating their own brands that they market and sell online.

Living on the edge – Edge Computing in China

Why China went ahead with edge computing despite other countries’ preference for fog computing.

How to build your own Prefab house with USD 60,000 in 40 days

Unlike the common house construction method, a prefab house saves you time and money with different components of the house made in a factory

Group meetups 101: are they feasible in China?

An attempt to apply the western fast-food style group meetup to China.

Group meetups 101: How does it work in New York?

Why fast-food restaurant style group meetups work in New York.

The Lunar New Year is foreign tech companies’ longest hangover

Most Chinese companies close during the lunar new year in China. But for foreign tech companies, it is a balancing act.

How can Donald Trump “cash” Jack Ma’s one-million-job check?

From Masayoshi Son to Jack Ma, Asia business tycoons have greeted Donald Trump.



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