China’s social running app JOYRUN completes USD 18 million in a B-series financing

Indicating increased interest in the sector, social sport app JOYRUN has attracted investment amounting to USD 18M as of Tuesday.

“Is Zuckerberg a communist?”: Chinese netizens mock Mark’s donation

The internet is all abuzz about Mark Zuckerberg's big announcement. China's Facebook, Weibo, is no different. Here are some excerpts from the hot discussion.

Chinese authorities to release regulation to enforce online music payment

Chinese authorities will pass a bylaw to regulate China's online music industry, likely to impact enormous Chinese online music industry, valuated at USD 47 billion.

3 things you can do to keep the smog out

To protect yourself from air pollution, which can cause heart and lung problems, check out our handy advice.

Customers beware: 45% of Apple Watch users dissatisfied after purchase

Demand for the Apple Watch is especially high in China, but new reports indicate existing Apple Watch customers are not especially content with their new devices. AllChinaTech reveals the most common reasons for disappointment.

Leading private car-hailing company launches popular web drama based on drivers’ stories

Private car-hailing company Yidao Yongche partners with China's Youtube, Youku Tudou for a web drama featuring a real-life Yidao Yongche driver.

Top 3 reasons behind the failure of MSN Messenger in China and the rise of QQ

How did QQ come to rule the roost in China? AllChinaTech takes a page from history to explain the key failings of the once globally dominant Microsoft service.

The most bizarre names of startups in China

When it comes to finding a creative name for your company, it’s always a headache. AllChinaTech looks into some apps with names that may make you scratch your head.

Infographic: Black Friday vs. Singles Day – Chinese spent 3 times more than Americans

AllChinaTech selects core data to compare the largest shopping festivals in the U.S. and in China.

China passes bylaw to regulate drone traffic and may hinder parcel delivery

The Civil Aviation Administration of China has passed its first traffic law to regulate UAV and drone traffic, which may affect delivery companies.

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Tech Junction: New Space 99 degree AI class review

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