All you need to know about China’s “empty nest” youth

Chinese millennials love to shop at late night, and there are 50 million of them.

Is live streaming fading in China as short videos take on?

China’s live streaming personalities may have to start learning a new skill -- how to edit videos.

Here’s the female executive with the most financial power in Baidu

Li is to be the CEO of Baidu Capital, which manages USD 3 billion in assets.

Emotibot shows that your next girlfriend could be an AI bot

AI chat bots could one day recreate the scenario from the movie Her.

The top 3 opportunities for China’s Smart Home future

The past, present and future of smart home technology in China.

Top 6 most innovative 3D printing companies in China

From 3D printed organs to houses, China’s 3D printing industry is rising to the top.

Xiaomi’s offline stores suspiciously resemble Apple stores

Xiaomi has created an impressive array of new gadgets, but still lacks originality in design.

Car sharing – the next big sharing craze in China?

China’s next big sharing rivalry might be just round the corner.

Web celeb Wang Sicong’s 6 luxurious electronic purchases

The son of China’s richest man pulls no stops at splurging on the newest luxury gadgets.

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