Are prefab houses the answer to urban housing shortage?

The good and bad of prefabricated construction.

How mHealth has failed to revolutionize China’s healthcare

Hailed as the solution to China’s complex healthcare system, mHealth is now struggling to make profits.

6 fabulous prefab buildings from all over the world

The idea of prefabricated buildings can sound artless and industrial, but in reality they are anything but.

The top 5 ugliest electric vehicles in China

China’s booming EV industry gives rise to beautiful models and some very ugly ducklings.

Trump, beware. Chinese Dama are ahead of the security game with a new app

China’s retirees may soon outshine the world’s largest intelligence agencies in ensuring national security.

Love stories of the top 4 tech bosses in China

In these famous wives we can see a combination of sense and sensibility.

The smog refugees from China

The smog has formed new words and business opportunities. Now it has even created a new living class — smog refugees.

The emerging trend of online paid content in China

More people are willing to purchase paid content on online knowledge sharing platforms in an information overloaded era.

China’s top 8 web celebs in 2016

These are the individuals that made the biggest impression on China’s online life in 2016.

How can we improve our indoor air quality?

The air inside is often not much better than the air outside.



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