8 best remarketing tools for startups

Don’t just put marketing material online and hope it reaches your target audience. Use these tools

China Tech Today – Top dating app’s Singles’ Day survey: Northeast China has the most singles, & more

Don't miss our daily highlights: Alipay completes a record 85,900 online transactions per second; stocks of Alibaba rival e-commerce sites fall; Xiaomi becomes best-selling smartphone of Double 11 shopping day.

China to embrace commercialized 5G by 2020

The world is building a 5G technology ecosystem, and China is playing a part.

You won’t believe how this Chinese man built a transformer out of paper

Have you ever imagined it would be possible to build a car that turns into a transformer out of cigarette boxes? This guy spent almost 2 years doing it.

How China’s new tariff rules will impact e-commerce business

China has implemented a new tax policy starting April 8th, which may bring a drastic change to the e-commerce market in the coming months.

How to make project deadlines less daunting

Every job has its deadlines. Here are the simple changes in your work habits that make them less stressful.

The story behind Asian emoticons, or these things: (‘◉◞౪◟◉’)

Have you ever wondered what the deal is with those elaborate Asian emoticons? Find out where they came from and discover some new quirky kaomoji to use on your friends!

China Telecom to terminate all numbers without real-name registration in November

China demands the real-name registration of mobile users to crack down on telecom frauds and spam messages.

Web celeb Papi Jiang’s 20M viewer live streaming debut leaves fans disappointed (updated)

Chinese web celeb Papi Jiang's live streaming debut on Monday was watched by millions, but many were unimpressed。

How to find the best restaurants in your city with China’s Yelp

Stop eating at that ten kuai noodle place around the corner and discover new restaurants in your city with help from China's most popular user driven review app.



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Tech Junction: Your guide to GMIC Beijing 2017

Beijing’s biggest tech show is starting next week and we have everything you need to know about it.

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