Why are Chinese millennials crazy about Rainbow Chamber Singers?

One of the group's songs had over 2 million hits on bilibili, the largest video streaming platform for Chinese millennials.

What can “The Three-Body Problem” tell us about China’s tech industry

Liu Cixin’s famous sci-fi novel asks China’s tech entrepreneurs difficult questions.

How to buy movie tickets using WeChat Wallet

Going to the movies tonight? Before you leave home an hour early to nab seats at the theater, check out our tutorial on how to buy movie tickets right on your phone using WeChat Wallet.

Lee Sedol loses 4-1, who’s next for AlphaGo?

The world’s #1 Go player, Ke Jie, is confident he can defeat AlphaGo.

Poll shows 62% of customers will purchase Apple Watch as gifts

Fortune appears to favour Apple as a recent survey indicates a majority of Apple Watch owners will gift friends and relatives an Apple Watch this holiday season.

Immune to real-name registration? Telecom frauds cause deaths in China

Scammers buy people’s identity information for their real-name telecom frauds.

Meet the top 5 female leaders from the tech world in China

Here are five of the world's 50 most powerful women from mainland China.

Uber users claim to be blocked by China’s largest social network Wechat again

WeChat has been accused of blocking a number of Uber Official Accounts allegedly in response to a slated fundraiser to be announced in the near future.

No Hukou, No drive: Chinese riding-hailing apps panic at new restrictions

Chinese authorities demand drivers on ride hailing platforms have a local license plate and a local hukou.

Why considering an exit strategy is not bad – at all

By not thinking ahead, you may find that the options in the future could be limited

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