Photos: How big are mobile payments in China?

QR codes are everywhere in this food market in Beijing.

Will power bank rental startups survive as oversupply emerges?

Laidian has seen oversupplies of power bank rentals in Beijing and Shanghai, and its founder is concerned.

iFensi is opening a new door for fan economy: ‘fan banks’

iFensi’s CEO shared with AllChinaTech the new financial service it has just launched.

Fans bring China’s fandom power up another notch

Chasing idols in China is ‘fanning’ a booming economy, and this is how crazy it can be.

Infographic: T-mall’s latest Double 11 revenue multiplied by 1000 times since 2009

As the Double 11 shopping day ended, Alibaba-backed e-commerce giant T-mall has set another world record, with USD 14.3 billion in total transactions.

China’s top 8 web celebs in 2016

These are the individuals that made the biggest impression on China’s online life in 2016.

Photos: MUJI and its message in China

Japanese homeware store MUJI opened its 200th store in China. What is it that allows this “unbranded brand” to be popular? Will this popularity last?

Here’s what you need to know about China’s bike-sharing users

The bike-sharing trend is taking on China, despite the population transitioning from bicycles to cars.

Poker AI outbluffs China’s top poker players

AI has learnt how to bluff and it is seeing through our game theory strategies.

Top 6 most innovative 3D printing companies in China

From 3D printed organs to houses, China’s 3D printing industry is rising to the top.

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Tech Junction: New Space 99 degree AI class review

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