Photos: What does Tim Cook dig about China startups ofo and Keep

Keep and ofo apps are popular among Chinese millennials.

The top 5 unique dating apps in China

Besides popular dating apps like Momo, Tantan, and Blued, China has more niche solutions for heating up the dating scene

Why are Chinese millennials crazy about Rainbow Chamber Singers?

One of the group's songs had over 2 million hits on bilibili, the largest video streaming platform for Chinese millennials.

Why is the Shanghai Metro more advanced than the New York Subway?

Comparing the subway systems of two megacities

The smog refugees from China

The smog has formed new words and business opportunities. Now it has even created a new living class — smog refugees.

What’s hot on Chinese social media this week

A little carnival of recalling messages on WeChat If you are a WeChat user, you must know there is a function that lets you recall a message...

Huawei’s new campus in Shenzhen gets ridiculed for copycat architecture

Netizens claim Huawei’s copies of famous European cities go against the company’s forward-thinking image.

Culture clash: Mack Horton Vs.Sun Yang at Rio Olympics

Australian athlete Mack Horton called Chinese swimming star Sun Yang as a "drug cheat", leading to flurries of anger from Chinese observers.

Why is web celeb Papi Jiang worth USD 15M for her funny videos?

The video star Papi Jiang has been making headlines on Chinese social media for landing money from top VCs as a one-woman band.

Which best selling masks will you get if you spend USD 500 a year on smog protection?

China’s smog economy is experiencing a boom with more anti-pollution masks available every year.



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