Bike-sharing: Is it Uber lite or just a passing fad?

Can the mass of new bike-sharing companies in China actually makelong term profits?

Top 8 most played iOS games in China

Games by Chinese developers including Tencent and Netease dominate the top 8 list.

How can the internet celebrity economy in China make up USD 8.7 B per year?

Videos, live streaming and e-commerce are producing a large number of web celebrities, and their fans are spending more because of them than on movies.

Trump won his Chinese name trademark fight, and Chinese netizens think he was born in China

It was not easy for Donald Trump to use his last name as trademark in China. But it’s easy for him to claim his Chinese citizenship on the Internet.

Event: 20 must-know startup founders in China

Please join us!

Why is web celeb Papi Jiang worth USD 15M for her funny videos?

The video star Papi Jiang has been making headlines on Chinese social media for landing money from top VCs as a one-woman band.

Online spoof of top 10 Hollywood stars in China’s history TV series

Tom Hiddleston and Matt Damon wear costumes from the Chinese literary classic, Water Margin... well, thanks to Adobe.

Letter from the Editor: Why you should ACT and work with us

The digital media era has liberated the way people consume information, think and act. Come and join AllChinaTech community.

How mHealth has failed to revolutionize China’s healthcare

Hailed as the solution to China’s complex healthcare system, mHealth is now struggling to make profits.

Amazon opens a pop-up shop in Beijing before Black Friday

After launching Prime services in China last month, Amazon is doing more to get the attention of consumers.



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