/Tencent and JD tighten their alliance to take on Alibaba

Tencent and JD tighten their alliance to take on Alibaba

Tech giant Tencent and online retailer JD.com jointly announced on Thursday that they would introduce a new marketing project to further strengthen their e-commerce cooperation, pushing forward digital marketing and ecommerce in China. The project poses more competition for Alibaba, which owns China’s largest e-commerce platforms.

The new project is built upon “Brand-Commerce”, a project that Tencent and JD.com launched in last October, aiming to help companies build their brands and reach target buyers more efficiently.

This project has JD.com, WeChat and mobile QQ connected together, helping consumers complete orders with efficient online payments, and allowing online merchants to better target their niche users.

Called “JingTeng Mofang”, or literally “the Rubik’s cube of JD.com and Tencent”, the project will further employ shared big data for more efficient brand marketing. This will be achieved with the integration of Tencent’s data of users’ online socializing and JD.com’s data of users’ shopping preferences.

In terms of advertising, Tencent VP Lin Jinghua said that the two parties will explore multiple methods of efficient advertising in an effort to build a world-leading marketing platform.

Having announced in March 2014 that they would invest USD 200 million in JD.com, Tencent is an important shareholder of JD.com. Their strategic partnership established in 2014 has been growing closer over time.

With China’s Singles’ Day shopping festival coming up in November, the battle between Alibaba and the “Tencent and JD” alliance is likely to become more fierce.

(Top photo from Mos.pingwest.com)

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