Tech Junction: Beijing’s best tech events Mar 13 – Mar 19

Empower yourself with technology. Check out the best tech events in Beijing.

TechJunction: Beijing’s Best Tech Events Mar 6 – Mar 12

Empower yourself with technology.

Tech Junction VII: Come and get the First Experience of VR in China

This Tech Junction event is your chance to try out the latest in VR gadgetry.

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Join us for a public discussion with Peter Vesterbacka, the “Mighty Eagle” of Angry Birds, who will take us diving deep into his insights into games, apps, and startup life.

Tech Junction V: Chinese money pours into Silicon Valley, Europe and Israel, but India is difficult to conquer

"Digitization, robotics, and AR, these are the most interesting things happening within the next 24 months."

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In this event, Julian Ma of Tencent will answer your questions about his vision and insights of tech trends in China.

Tech Junction IV: Deep learning, AI, and what it promises for the future

One of China’s foremost machine learning experts talks to AllChinaTech about the future of AI

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Don't miss out our Tech Junction event on May 19th.

Tech Junction III: Recruiting is just like fundraising

Andy Mok, an experienced recruiter for startups speaks at the latest Tech Junction event on how to recruit the right people in China.

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Find the right people to help your startup succeed and avoid HR nightmares.

Tech Junction

Tech Junction: New Space 99 degree AI class review

Read our reviews on tech events in Beijing. We rate the events, and you decide whether you want to go or not.

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