Education startup Xiao Niudun aims to turn your child into a little Newton with USD 8.6 M financing, & more

Xiao Niudun believes early child education will be more important in the future.

Education robotic startup Makeblock lands USD 29 M Series B financing, & more

Makeblock enables users to build robots just like playing with Lego to build the shape and the function as they desire.

Elder home care service provider Xiaobaicare lands USD 43 M pre-Series A financing, & more

Xiaobaicare are building a professional team to provide on-site services, rather than being just an O2O platform.

Self-driving is a catch! Baidu and Tencent led NextEV’s USD 600 M financing

NextEV recently released self-driving car EVE in Shanghai.

Popular arts platform EYart lands USD 3M Series A+ financing, & more

EYart aims to create a better public understanding of art.

Amy Robotics lands USD 2 M Series A financing for its robot assistants, & more

Amy Robotics aims to make intelligent robots to assist customers or as household help.

Content-sharing platform Meipian lands USD 2.5M Series A funding from ZhenFund, & more

Meipian, an editorial design-and-share tool attracted 12 million users in less than a year.

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