Education startup Xiao Niudun aims to turn your child into a little Newton with USD 8.6 M financing, & more

Xiao Niudun believes early child education will be more important in the future.

GSR Ventures leads million-dollar angel round for public power bank rental startup Xiaodian, & more

Xiaodian is deploying rental power banks in various public places to enable users to charge their smartphones easily when they are outside home without chargers.

Bike-sharing boom in China continues with UniBike securing Series A round, &more

Xiaomi joins power bank rental war to invest in Guaishou Chongdian’s angel round to exclusively place rental power banks in its partners’ stores.

Qianbbaomu secures investment despite China’s cooling fintech market, & more

Fintech platform Qianbaomu continues to grow in China’s cooling fintech market.

Amy Robotics lands USD 2 M Series A financing for its robot assistants, & more

Amy Robotics aims to make intelligent robots to assist customers or as household help.

Make smarter investments based on big data with Dingfudata securing USD 11 M, & more

Dingfudata helps customers make smart investment decisions based on big data and artificial intelligence technology.

Robosea receives USD 1.7 M pre-Series A funding for its underwater robots, & more

Robosea manufactures underwater robots to help users see the underwater world.

AI-fintech platform Yongqianbao attracts more than 10 million users and a USD 68 M Series C financing, & more

Fintech startup Yongqianbao uses AI to make its financing services more efficient.

Co-working startup Wujiespace secures nearly USD 15 M from Matrix Partners and other investors, & more

Co-working community Wujiespace enables you to find better workplaces easily.

HYPEREAL attracts global VR market’s attention and receives financing in tens of millions in USD, & more

A "VR in China" speech by HYPEREAL attracted the attention of the American media and global VR market.



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