Popular arts platform EYart lands USD 3M financing

EYart aims to create a better public understanding of art.

Self-driving is a catch! Baidu and Tencent led NextEV’s USD 600 M financing

NextEV recently released self-driving car EVE in Shanghai

Robot manufacturer Amy Robotics lands USD 2 M financing

Amy Robotics aims to make intelligent robots to assist customers or as household help.

Robotic educational startup Makeblock lands USD 29 M financing

Makeblock enables users to build robots just like playing with Lego to build the shape and the function as they desire.

Startup 101: Surviving and growing in China’s internet arena

How new startups can remain competitive in a market with slower growth and changing consumer mindsets.

Content-sharing platform Meipian lands USD 2.5M funding

Meipian, an editorial design-and-share tool attracted 12 million users in less than a year.

Elder home care service provider Xiaobaicare lands USD 43 M financing

Xiaobaicare are building a professional team to provide on-site services, rather than being just an O2O platform.

Estate search platform Zhugefang received USD 7 million in financing

Zhugefang can help you search real estate information via its big data analysis system.

VR startup HYPEREAL receives tens of millions in USD in financing

A "VR in China" speech by HYPEREAL attracted the attention of the American media and global VR market.

Co-working startup Wujiespace landed nearly USD 15 million in financing

Co-working community Wujiespace enables you to find better workplaces easily.



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