/Support our Indiegogo campaign! Coding China: 20 must-know startups in video

Support our Indiegogo campaign! Coding China: 20 must-know startups in video

As China passes the stage of being “the world’s manufacturer”, one neglected issue is the importance of the role of technology in accelerating the economic and social development of the country.

More than that, there are many young heroes who have founded promising startups, making cutting-edge products that are shaping our lives. These startup founders are not Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Ma yet, and they will continue to remain invisible until they are discovered and have their stories told. AllChinaTech, the only English tech media startup in China, fills this reporting gap.

We discover, depict and document the most brilliant startup founders who we believe will one day lead the tech industry. What these startup founders do matter, and their ideas could inspire millions.

That is why we are on Indiegogo, asking you to support these startup founders and what they do. By endorsing their stories, you give them the confidence to go further.

20 must-know startups in China from AllChinaTech on Vimeo.

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Our “20 must-know startups in China” covers the hottest tech sectors, including the sharing economy, artificial intelligence, and smart devices that may have disrupted, surprised or brought joy to many of us.

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