The trendiest terms in the Chinese tech industry

Every industry has its own lingo, these trendy terms will help you to navigate China's tech scene.

Uber China raises US $1.2B, Kalanick says

Uber raises US $1.2 billion in a new round of funding led mostly by Chinese investors and hints it could raise more still from Chinese state sources.

What’s in a password? Chinese security habits revealed in online study

In the wake of the Ashley Madison fiasco, Chinese security experts do some self examination and are appalled at what they uncover.

Why Tujia is not Airbnb!

Despite the frequent comparisons in the local media is the Chinese Airbnb all that similar to its namesake? Findout within.

Alipay will now accept your dog as a form of ID

Alibaba has just announced new features for its its flagship payment system Alipay, it will now accept alternative forms of ID as verification for payment.

Uber once offered buying 40% of Didi Kuaidi, CEO says

Didi Kuaidi CEO, Cheng Wei, claims Uber proposed Cheng either accept Uber's offer to buy 40% of Didi Kuaidi, or else face certain defeat.



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