Didi Kuaidi invests in Indian app Ola to further take on Uber

In a bid to further compete with Uber, after Lyft, Didi Kuaidi puts money behind dominant Indian ride-hailing app Ola.

Leading delivery firm STO Express to go public in USD 2.6B with a ‘backdoor’ listing deal

Leading delivery firm STO Express plans to become China's first major express delivery service to be publicly listed through a USD 2.6 billion backdoor listing deal.

Meet Tech Hive, Beijing’s collaborative startup accelerator

A cross between a hackathon and Dragon’s Den, Beijing Tech Hive helps entrepreneurs figure out if the startup life is really for them.

Didi Kuaidi releases economical carpool service to boost service in 259 Chinese cities

China’s top ride-hailing company has launched a new, economical carpool service in over 20 cities, expanding its services.

Are bikeshare startups a reliable bank for deposits?

So far there are no regulations concerning the use of deposits.

Chinese customers swelter for iPhone 6s

Apple opened up pre-ordering for its new flagship device on Sept. 13th to much fanfare, so much so, it couldn’t keep up with the heat.

JD.com founder blasts China’s entrepreneurs for inflating the tech bubble

Liu Qiangdong, founder of JD.com, warns of the prospect of a Chinese dot-com bubble and criticizes the popular practice of fundraising without a firm business foundation.

How to pull-off that magic phrase: M&A

Hypothesis: Sell the company and party in the Bahamas. Reality: Nope

KPCB China’s Zhou Wei said Chinese entrepreneurs will outdo the Americans in the future

At a recent Beijing conference, Zhou Wei of KPCB China, enumerated several reasons why China’s entrepreneurs will likely overtake their American counterparts.

Chinese mobile medical company secures USD 4.6M in Series A financing

Beijing-based mobile medical startup Paiyipai will open its technology to companies after this round of financing.



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