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The startup journal XIII: Finding momentum as a startup evangelist

The ability for startup founders to evolve with sudden change and to improvise and create something powerful is vital.

The startup journal XII: Catch your rhythm

Break out of your comfort zone and start learning now. Channel your passion from a hobby into work.

The startup journal XI: Integrate and upgrade

A good partnership may bring a win-win outcome. It should be a balanced and respectful process, not a bad bargain or an attempt to rip off the other party.

The startup journal X: Our years in corporate culture gave us a chance to found startups

We’ve certainly learned from corporate culture to be professional. But that culture can eat you up. You are losing your creativity, courage and motivation to try something new.

The startup journal IX: How the “Internet Plus” strategy is affecting China a year after its launch

Smartphones and apps are everywhere. I have no privilege as a Beijinger over those who live in Xi’an or perhaps any other Chinese city.

The startup journal VIII: the invisible ethical line for a startup entrepreneur

With courage and effort, money and fame may follow in the future. As long as you know where the invisible ethical line is.

The startup journal VII: What the year of 2015 means to the Chinese tech scene and to myself

Everyone says that you can make sacrifices for your dreams. I’d say that magnifying motivation without losing the joy in daily work matters.

The startup journal V: To change or not to change – a question of survival

There's a gap between your target and your performance. You need to fill that gap and do it fast. As a young startup, we are changing, growing, evolving like a chrysalis turning into a butterfly.

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Tech Junction: New Space 99 degree AI class review

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The story behind AllTechAsia team

We are inviting you to join us on a fascinating journey to see the future.

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