The top 10 education startups in China

The online education market is set to become the third biggest online industry in China. Who will be its leaders?

WildChina’s Mei Zhang: using the internet for more authentic tourism in China

Tourism has wrought huge changes in China. Now, the internet is changing everything.

Bike Hunters – a new profession inspired by bikesharing

The adventures of 27-year-old Bike Hunter Wang Shuo.

How did Dida Pinche beat Didi Chuxing to a carpooling license?

Official approval will help this startup further expand its businesses.

Facebook’s investor DST Global led USD 450 M financing for China’s ofo

The bike sharing sector has seen a record amount of financing.

Is the world’s largest bikeshare business profitable?

Do you believe that bikeshare companies don't make money?

What made a unicorn hunter invest in ofo?

The secrets of an ofo investor's business instincts unveiled in three points.

Are subsidies the key to occupying the bike-sharing market in China?

Is this a repeat of the 2016 Didi vs Uber subsidy war?

Are bikeshare startups a reliable bank for deposits?

So far there are no regulations concerning the use of deposits.

Will vandalism shatter bike sharing in China?

Despite their popularity, bike sharing apps are struggling against an onslaught of vandalism.



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