/Samsung to recall all 190,000 Note 7 smartphones sold in China

Samsung to recall all 190,000 Note 7 smartphones sold in China

Samsung China will recall all 190,984 Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that have been sold in China, according to an official announcement on Tuesday.

Samsung China’s recall decision was made after its discussion with the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) of the PRC. The company has stopped both producing and selling the Note 7s since Monday, according to the AQSIQ report.

However, AllChinaTech found that the smartphone was still on the shelf of Samsung’s online store in China on Monday, so the selling was not stopped until Tuesday.

In any case, Samsung China is offering the Chinese Note 7 users two choices. They can replace their Note 7 with any other Samsung smartphone, and at the same time get the returned money along with vouchers worth RMB 300 (USD 44) if the new phone they choose is cheaper than a Note 7 – in most cases, any other Samsung phone is cheaper.

Additionally, users can get a full refund after they return their Note 7. Samsung China will cover all shipping fees in the process.

The recall notice can now be seen on Samsung’s official website in China.

It seems that Apple’s iPhone 7 smartphones will be the biggest beneficiary from the failure of the Samsung Note 7s. However, an iPhone 7 was reported to have spontaneously exploded in half according to Tencent Tech on Monday.

Apple has not made any comments on this. Will the new phones of Apple and Samsung both end up going down together?

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