/Pregnancy app set to capitalize on China’s two-child policy

Pregnancy app set to capitalize on China’s two-child policy

iBaby, an app for pregnant women, disclosed that it recently completed a round of Series A financing worth RMB tens of millions.

Lu Guotao, CEO and founder of iBaby, said this round of financing will be used to upgrade content and for promoting to users, the Chinese tech blog 36Kr reported on Monday.

Launched in April 2015, iBaby is a mobile medical O2O platform aimed at helping pregnant women by providing them with consultation services, open courses and videos about pregnancy. Pregnant women can make inquiries with doctors that have registered on the app pertaining to their condition. They can send pictures and describe their condition to the doctors. If the women need to see a doctor, those doctors on the app can provide services offline.

Photo from iBaby's Weibo account.
Photo from iBaby’s Weibo account.

Apart from being an app for pregnant women, the other version of iBaby is a platform designed for obstetricians. Obstetricians can discuss their patients’ cases and learn from each other. Additionally, senior obstetricians can upload e-books and videos on the app to provide learning material for junior obstetricians. These junior obstetricians pay to view this material.

It is reported that iBaby now has close to one million pregnant women users and 30,000 obstetrician users. Lu said by the end of 2016, iBaby is expected to have 100,000 obstetricians and five to ten million pregnant women users on the app, 36Kr reported in 2015.

With the government’s two-child policy coming into effect in 2016, many see potential in the mother-and-child market. According to a forecast from Analysys, the market may have been as big as USD 244 billion last year, and it’s expected to more than double by 2020.

“The mother-and-child market has great potential. To explore the market, we not only need capital but also need to improve our service quality,” said Lu.

(Top photo from image.baidu.com.)