Dear readers, China’s largest holiday, the Lunar New Year, is coming up, and the AllChinaTech staff will join millions of Chinese for a break to celebrate the holiday with our families. Every day from February 6 to 14, we’ll publish an in-depth feature of a Chinese unicorn startup or an industrial analysis on tech trends in China. We wish you all happiness in the Year of the Monkey!



Wu Nan
Wu is the CEO and Editor in Chief of AllChinaTech. She is an award-winning journalist with honors from Foreign Press Association in New York and Hong Kong Journalists Association. For years she worked for top-notch media outlets including South China Morning Post and the Wall Street Journal. She co-founded the NetEase Annual Economist Conference (NAEC), a leading economic forum in China. Wu holds a master's degree in Journalism at U.C. Berkeley and is a 2012 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. Write to her: nan[at]