How will Ctrip and Qunar conquer 70% of China’s tourism market and 70 million users?

It’s reported that an earlier deal attempted back in May between Ctrip and Qunar fell through mostly because Ctrip and Qunar disagreed over the future of Zhuang and the Ctrip team. Are they are agreeable more and how their cooperation will go?

China Tech Today – Elon Musk denies Tesla Model 3 will be produced in China

Our highlights of the day: Musk refutes China production rumors, Sohu, LeTV release 3rd quarter reports, Baidu wins Sogou lawsuit, OnePlus releases new smartphone.

China’s travel service giant Ctrip purchased 45% of Qunar’s shares from Baidu

Consolidation in the Chinese travel industry sees two of China’s largest travel platforms combine leaving little room for lesser players to compete.

China Tech Today – 58 and Ganji co-build China’s largest part-time O2O platform

Our highlights of the day: 58, Ganji build largest part-time work platform, Bee Finance raises USD 4.7M, SegmentFault for software developers raises USD 10M.

Exclusive report: Tencent releases key user data for WeChat, 570M login users and 200M Payments users

AllChinaTech is at 2015’s Tencent Global Partner Summit in Chongqing to reveal first-hand and the latest important data for China's leading social network.

For 400 Million Users, WeChat will soon end free transfers

WeChat will soon charge a service fee for payment transfers, will this discourage business users?

Tencent partners with real-estate giant SOHO to boost incubation projects

Tencent partners up with SOHO’s shared working space project 3Q to accelerate the development and construction of its incubation center plan.

Baidu’s Hiring freeze gives Weibo users cold feet

Baidu’s suspension of social recruitment has sparked controversy among Sina Weibo users, with many arguing the domestic job market is becoming even more competitive.

Winter for BAT? Baidu announces hiring freeze after Alibaba

Only one month after Alibaba changed up its hiring procedures, Baidu has announced, it too, will reign in its hiring impulses to improve efficiency.

Xiaomi brings China back to the fore with People’s Hoverboard

At just the right time, Xiaomi has unveiled its Segway inspired personal transporter, will this be the trojan horse Xiaomi has been waiting for?

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