Tmall’s “Double 11” sales festival targets overseas buyers

As the date nears closer for Alibaba’s annual ‘Double 11’ sales event, Alibaba CEO, Zhang Yong, has announced several key new strategies to boost sales this year.

Jack Ma said for every fake sold Alibaba loses five customers

In a recent interview Alibaba’s Executive Chairman argues counterfeits hurt the whole industry and urges stronger legal protection for intellectual property.

Tencent licenses 1.5M songs to NetEase in a bid to dominate online music market

In a China-first Tencent’s QQ Music will form a sublicensing arrangement with NetEase’s Cloud Music in a bid to boost NetEase’s online music catalogue.

The most important outtakes from Alibaba’s first Annual Report

In its first year since going public Alibaba has seen its stock price tumble, despite this, figures look encouraging and Jack Ma continues to show enthusiasm.

58 Daojia raises USD 300M from Alibaba-led investment group

58 Daojia announces an unexpected partner in its latest fundraising round, Tencent competitor, Alibaba. Does this mean the end for the Tencent/58 alliance?

Baidu partners up with state-owned food retailer COFCO

Baidu ventures once more into e-commerce, this time purchasing a stake in e-commerce portal Womai - owned by China’s state-owned food retailing Behemoth COFCO.

Huawei chases Xiaomi, makes a move on India

Following in the footsteps of trendsetter Xiaomi, Huawei has announced it intends to manufacture its Honor 7 devices in India.

A global driverless car race with more players, including Toyota and Baidu

Google, Apple, Nissan, General Motors and now Toyota, plan to unveil cars with autonomous features by 2020. But Baidu may beat them to the chase by the end of the year.

China tech giants’ big moves in the cloud business

A summary of the popular cloud service offerings available in China as competition looks to become increasingly more cutthroat.

Graphics: how Meituan and Dianping merger impact China’s O2O market structure

Besides the Meituan and Dianping merger, BAT investment in the 020 sector of China is also apparent.

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