Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun talks about the future of cars in China

Sebastian Thrun estimates for every 18 months autonomous driving will get 10 times better.

Former Baidu autonomous car unit GM Wang Jing announces resignation after Andrew Ng

Wang Jing resigns to start his own driverless car startup.

Put your bikes away! Beijing to regulate shared bike parking

Mobike and ofo users have to watch out.

Andrew Ng to leave Baidu. What’s next?

The AI leading expert who founded Google Brain is now officially on the market.

Ofo pushes ahead of rivals with 10 million daily rides

Ofo became the fourth Chinese internet platform to see 10 million daily transactions, after Taobao, Didi Chuxing, and Meituan.

LeEco’s EV arm LeSee sends off its co-founder Ding Lei

As Ding Lei is stepping down, Zhang Hailiang, LeSEE COO, is taking over Ding’s role and will be serving as LeSEE global CEO.

AlphaGo’s new rival? Tencent’s AI Go program won UEC in Japan

Tencent's AI Go program Fine Art defeated Japan's DeepZenGo with an 11-game winning streak.

The 5 most powerful women behind Jack Ma

Here are five influential women behind Alibaba’s No.1 founder, Jack Ma.

These 3 tech bosses think Artificial Intelligence will shape the future of China

Baidu founder Robin Li proposed favorable visa policies for foreign tech talents turned down by Trump.

Didi Chuxing announces new ride-hailing services developed by former Uber China team

Former Uber China staff continue to develop new services for Didi Chuxing.

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