Tencent now owns the largest online music business in China

ChinaMusic Corporation and QQ Music’s digital audio business will merge and Tencent becomes the biggest winner.

2016 China Tech Trend Predictions IV: The escalating war between China’s BAT and the offline giants

Startups in on-demand services experienced a high death rate in the past year, but the sector will likely see more healthier development in 2016.

LeEco’s sports subsidiary may land USD 1.1B in Series B funding

The new financing will push LeSports’ valuation to RMB 20.5 billion (USD three billion), to help it to grow its businesses and perhaps launch an IPO in 2017.

Qualcomm China on the future of mobile at GMIC 2016 Beijing

Meng Pu, the Chairman of Qualcomm China, discussed Qualcomm’s contributions to the future of mobile internet at the GMIC conference in Beijing.

The USD 28 M financing plan of Baidu’s video unit fizzles out

As a joint venture company, Baidu video unit’s investor goes against China’s new Internet video policy.

Alibaba sales record marked USD 17.8 billion on Singles’ Day (updated)

It took Alibaba 13 hours to reach its Singles’ Day sales record of last year.

A step by step guide on using WeChat’s Mini Program

WeChat Mini Program is easy to use, but saw non core app functions absent.

Alipay is to start over its tarnished social network. What’s next?

Ant Financial head apologized for the lewd photos on Alipay, but what will follow when the blemish is cleaned?

Prepping for VR? Huawei to establish 4.5G mobile networks in 2016

5G mobile networks are becoming a must as AR and VR technologies mature. Before 5G greets the world, 4.5G is emerging as a bridge.

What’s behind the “cost-effective” service of “call an Uber”?

Hackers hack into an Uber user’s account, and use it to call an Uber for the passengers.

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