Is LeEco-backed ride-hailing app Yidao going downhill with alleged cash woes? (updated)

Both Yidao and LeEco are trapped in troubled waters...

Google’s AlphaGo to take on world No.1 Go player Ke Jie

AlphaGo 2.0 will play against China’s Ke Jie in a three-match game.

China’s tech leader slams United Airlines for dragging passenger off plane

Chinese internet users are reacting with outrage after an Asian American man was kicked off a United Airlines plane.

What does Baidu’s new AI leader think about Andrew Ng?

“I know he’s going to pursue something he has yet to try before.”

Why WeChat’s new mobile search department is a threat to Baidu?

Tencent is making an all-out effort to turn up its game in the mobile search war.

The latest Chinese mobile user interface trends might surprise you

User Interface Design is in a state of constant change. What are the latest trends unique to the Chinese market?

Andrew Ng to leave Baidu. What’s next?

The AI leading expert who founded Google Brain is now officially on the market.

Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun talks about the future of cars in China

Sebastian Thrun estimates for every 18 months autonomous driving will get 10 times better.

Ofo pushes ahead of rivals with 10 million daily rides

Ofo became the fourth Chinese internet platform to see 10 million daily transactions, after Taobao, Didi Chuxing, and Meituan.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier review: Part I.

AllChinaTech's Rohan Malhotra puts our brand-new Xiaomi air purifier to the test on a smoggy day in Beijing.



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