/Meet Tripoto, the travel platform behind the scenes of India’s travel boom

Meet Tripoto, the travel platform behind the scenes of India’s travel boom

At the Chindia TMT Dialogue Conference 2017 in Beijing last week, AllChinaTech interviewed some of the hottest startups in India. Here is the story of Tripoto:


Founded in: 2013

Founder: Anirudh Gupta

Financing status: Series Pre-A financing


Tripoto founder Anirudh Gupta. By AllChinaTech

India-based Tripoto is a travel community where users share and discover travel experiences, itineraries, resorts and so on. It focuses on the planning and inspiration stages of a trip.

“Our model is content, community, and commerce,” Gupta told AllChinaTech.

So far the 32-staff company has 2.5 million monthly active users (MAUs). There are 10 million outbound trips in India every year, growing at 10% to 12% YoY, according to Gupta. The company currently is not planning to enter the Chinese market because of language barrier concerns.

“Chinese travelers are more evolved and informed than indian travelers are. For Indians, sometimes they are not clear of what they want,” said Gupta.

Tripoto app interface.
Tripoto app interface. Photo from Tripoto.

In 2015, Tripoto landed USD 2 million series pre-A financing led by IDG Ventures India, followed by Outbox. The startup is currently in the process of closing a round of series A financing.

Domestically, the startup competes with companies like Maptia, Tripline, and Vayable. Tripoto combines content with commerce, and thus its cost of customer acquisition is much lower. Aside from that, the startup has accumulated the most travel content for outbound destinations, in comparison to other Indian platforms.

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