/High performance computing language provider Julia Computing attracts millions for seed round, & more

High performance computing language provider Julia Computing attracts millions for seed round, & more

Computing language provider Julia Computing attracts USD 4.6 million in seed round

Julia Computing

Founders: Viral Shah, Deepak Vinchhi, Keno Fischer, Alan Edelman, Jeff Bezanson, Stefan Karpinski

Founded in: 2015

Financing status: USD 4.6 million for seed round in 2017

Julia Computing, a provider of open source language for data science and machine learning, has attracted USD 4.6 million in seed funding from General Catalyst and Founder Collective.

The US and Bangalore based startup was founded in 2015 by the creators of the Julia language.

Julia is the fastest modern high performance open source computing language for data, analytics, algorithmic trading, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Julia Computing helps its customers solve complex and challenging computational problems that run on thousands of processors in cloud or matchbox sized systems which can fit in one’s pocket. The startup operates out of Boston, New York, and Bangalore. Julia is a new programming language that combines the productivity of R, Python, and Matlab with the performance of C and Fortran. Julia provides a sophisticated compiler, distributed parallel execution, numerical accuracy, and an extensive library of fast mathematical functions. It is being used by a number of universities for teaching and research, and by businesses in areas as diverse as engineering, finance, and e-commerce.

Julia users, partners and employers hiring Julia programmers in 2017 include Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft and NASA.

The startup will use the newly raised funds for product development and customer support enhancement.

FinTech startup Kissht raises USD 2 million in undisclosed financing round

Photo from Kissht
Photo from Kissht


Founders: Krishnan Vishwanathan

Founded in: 2015

Financing status: 2017 undisclosed financing round of USD 2 million

India’s largest EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) centric payment solution company Kissht has raised USD 2 million from Endiya Partners and Ventureast.

Kissht offers a hassle-free experience of shopping online, and offers offline merchant stores quick and easy EMI payment solutions.

The Mumbai-based startup is an EMI payment and digital lending platform. EMI payments have a variety of options such as EMI on credit card, EMI on debit card, and EMI without card. Kissht operates as “One EMI”. The startup aims to empower online as well as offline merchant stores to provide easy and quick EMI payment options to customers who wish to purchase mobile devices, jewelry, furniture, cameras, tour package and many more through their partnerships with more than 20 financial institutions across the country. Kissht’s EMI payment gateway allows its merchant partners to offer quick loan EMI, credit card EMI, as well as select debit card EMI from various leading banks and non banking financial companies including HDFC, HSBC, CITI Bank, Kotak, IndusInd.

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