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China’s first “smart” pillow promises to eliminate snoring

Expanding the vast array of smart device categories on offer, Chinese e-commerce platform has moved into the fray, offering a new pillow device that promises to bring relief to snorers.

DJI unveils embedded computer to boost drone artificial intelligence

Shenzhen-based DJI released an embedded computer for its developer drones on Monday to expand on its efforts to make self-aware drones a reality.

So what’s it gonna be? The Xiaomi 4c or the fresh-out-the-factory OnePlus X?

With last week’s launch of the OnePlus X, we thought we'd do a brief comparison with another fairly popular Chinese release, the Xiaomi Mi 4c.

Meet the Niu N1: the first ‘cool’ e-bike from China

Built locally from the ground up, the Niu N1 manages to sell in a climate of uncertainty for the Chinese e-bike industry with no infrastructural support and with uniform regulation nowhere to be seen.

Xiaomi brings China back to the fore with People’s Hoverboard

At just the right time, Xiaomi has unveiled its Segway inspired personal transporter, will this be the trojan horse Xiaomi has been waiting for?

Huawei executive says domestic sales will overtake Xiaomi

Richard Yu, VP of Huawei Consumer Business Group said the cooperation with JD will further boost Huawei's domestic sales to take on domestic rival Xiaomi and global rival Apple.

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