Chinese Drone maker JYU introduces a low-price drone for only USD 155

JYU brings to market two new drones in an attempt to make drones more widely accessible for average consumers.

This Japanese roboticist envisions a future with robot companions

Robot creator Tomotaka Takahashi has a recent robotic invention that he claims may replace the smartphone.

NetEase launches the Dream Lab VR platform

Joining hands with Google's VR platform Daydream, NetEase is now setting up its own VR platform, Dream Lab.

Xiaomi launches the Mi Note 2 smartphone and concept smartphone Xiaomi MIX

The Mi Note 2 smartphone sells for USD 486, and the Xiaomi MIX USD 516.

Apple’s new moves in China: Singles’ Day sales and Alipay service

Apple is hoping to cash in with sales on Tmall for China’s Double 11 festival.

Samsung is rumored to lay off 20% staff in China after the Note 7 explosions

Samsung’s staff in China are getting uneasy, waiting for confirmation of a rumored 20% staff layoff.

HTC Vive China head: Goldman Sachs has underestimated VR

The fast-growing VR market in China is heating up and attracting foreign players to compete in the field.

Cheaper but not Cheap – Secrets of Oppo and Vivo’s rise in China (Updated)

One in every three smartphones owned in China is either an Oppo or Vivo. How did this happen?

VR in China: There are bubbles, but still healthy

Andrew Kim, the former head of Korea at Oculus Business Development, shares his insights on VR.

Who’s the Chinese investor pumping USD 5 M into AR maker Magic Leap?

Chinese smart city solution provider Enjoyor invested USD five million in AR startup Magic Leap.

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Are power bank rentals just a price bubble in China?

Within 40 days, USD 174 million worth of funds have been invested in power bank rental startups in China.