Bluegogo launches carbon-fiber geared bikes to heat up bike-sharing chase in China

The app has attracted 6.25 million users in four months.

Cheaper but not Cheap – Secrets of Oppo and Vivo’s rise in China (Updated)

One in every three smartphones owned in China is either an Oppo or Vivo. How did this happen?

Warehouse robots now work at Alibaba’s Tmall distribution center

Dozens of warehouse robots made by Geek+ have been put into use at Tmall's distribution center in Tianjin.

The top 5 driverless car makers in China

There are tech giants like Baidu and LeEco, as well as startups.

Huawei’s answer to MWC 2017 audience: A “rainbow” P10

Huawei unveiled its newest flagship phone P10 at MWC 2017 with a truly colorful presentation

The top 5 wearable device manufacturers in China

In addition to Xiaomi and Huawei, the emerging startup behind Ticwatch is worth paying attention to.

Could China’s Turing Robot’s products pass the famous Turing Test?

The Turing Robot has attracted 230,000 developers with its self-developed Turing OS.

Tencent’s USD 300 Ying drone is available for preorder

The USD 300 Tencent Ying drone is designed for travel.

5 Chinese VR companies to watch in 2016

When VR hits the mainstream in 2016, which Chinese VR companies will take off? AllChinaTech gives the lowdown on who to keep tabs on for the new year.

Tencent invests in Mobike, further fueling the ofo vs Mobike war

Mobike has successfully lured a new round of investment, and is continuing its expansion.



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