WildChina’s Mei Zhang: using the internet for more authentic tourism in China

Tourism has wrought huge changes in China. Now, the internet is changing everything.

More than Airbnb: How Tujia swallowed the largest home-rental market in China

Although not the first of its kind in the world or even in China, Tujia managed to become China’s largest home rental platform.

Muniao offers travelers cozy dwellings at low prices

Muniao now has 300,000 homes and serviced apartments at 396 Chinese cities on its platform.

Meet Comper, China’s smart medical device maker to help women get pregnant

Comper Healthcare, a home medical devices maker, wants to help women get pregnant with a smart thermometer.

FiresVR aims to make VR tech more accessible and economical

FiresVR’s own JiDome VR glasses were launched in December 2015.

Toumi RA brings American financial products to Chinese clients

China’s robo-advisor industry now sees a new player backed by a well-established wealth management company CreditEase.

Meet GameGou, a developer bringing the simplicity of Fruit Ninja to sports games

GameGou’s soccer game Perfect Kick was among Google Play’s Best of 2015.

Slow is fast: luxury e-commerce platform Secoo understands wealthy Chinese

China’s largest luxury e-commerce platform Secoo hopes to serve high-end consumers across the globe.

Shanghai based MXCHIP bets brand on growth of the Internet of Things

China’s MXCHIP hopes to grow with the trend of Internet of Things.

Computer graphics meet virtual reality with China’s Light & Digital

By fusing computer graphics with virtual reality, Light & Digital hopes to give customers amazing experiences.



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