/Flower Plus – the app inspiring 4 million Chinese girls to share their lives (photos)

Flower Plus – the app inspiring 4 million Chinese girls to share their lives (photos)


Not sure around when, half of the girls I know start to use Flower Plus. They order flowers online, receive flowers, share photos on their SNS and get applauses for the beautiful moments. In fact, the app has attracted more than 4 million Wechat users. The success of the app is because it uses flowers to connect the girls of their life and dreams beyond. Let me show you the colors of life created by the app.  



The first weekend after I and my roommate, Rui, ordered the flowers, we were woke up by a gentle knock-knock at the door. 0ur flower arrived! By delivering on door, the service give us the sense of “romantic surprise”. And we won’t know what flowers we will receive before we open the box.


For the first week, we received orange lilies and daisies.

Flower plus

Our cat, Princess Pan, looks happier than us 🙂

Flower plus

The next week, we received pink and yellow roses. We put the pink roses next to the photo of our favorite writer, Haruki Murakami, who wrote the popular book “1Q84”.


I prepared breakfast for Rui and decorated the table with the yellow roses.

Flower plus
She was so surprised by the pretty picture when she woke up. She posted a photo on her WeChat account and she wrote “ a ‘candlelight’ breakfast made by my dramatic roommate!” and she told me that the photo immediately had 20 ‘likes’.

Maybe the reason why this app is so popular is because it understands the nature of women. Women love flowers, and women are obsessed with colors. Think lipsticks and dresses with exotic colors and patterns. Likewise, colorful flowers on a weekend will certainly make our day. By offering everyday pleasure at affordable prices (less than RMB 25 or USD 4 per week), the app offers a new type of lifestyle.


Let’s check out a few more floral arrangements done by other girls 🙂





What is Flower Plus?