Editor's Pick

Editor's Pick

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The smog refugees from China

The smog has formed new words and business opportunities. Now it has even created a new living class — smog refugees.

The economy behind influencer brands in China

Online influencers in China are turning their online fame to massive fortune, creating their own brands that they market and sell online.

Why I ditched China’s No. 1 fitness app “Keep” and went back to the gym

Nothing beats having a personal trainer to correct my exercise postures.

Smog in Beijing terminates the Dutch smog terminator

According to a test report, the Smog-Free Tower is not really freeing people from smog.

A leaked chat sparked a war of words between Xiaomi and LeEco and indicated a broken capital chain

LeEco and Xiaomi had a verbal fight, yet it's not clear who came out on top.

Amy aims to make their intelligent robots real helpers to humans

Amy mainly targets businesses, including hospitals and shopping malls, as well as high-end consumers globally.

Sifting the tides of mobile data: an interview with Leo Cui, CEO of TalkingData

TalkingData is China’s leading third-party data analytics company that tracks activity on approximately four billion devices.

Meet MOGU, China’s online fashion advisor to help millions of women shape their attitude towards life

E-commerce platforms Mogujie, Meilishuo, and Taoshijie merged, giving birth to MOGU, a fashion information platform for women.

Spoof of Apple’s iPhone 7 release done by Chinese internet users

A special version of Apple’s iPhone 7 release come alive online in China, thanks to the brilliant netizens.

Pokémon GO beware: the Chinese copycats are sucking fans

The Chinese copycat version of Pokémon Go, launched this March, are among the most popular mobile games in China.



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