The most popular emojis in 2016 and the meaning behind them

"Emojis speak louder than words. But how do they change between countries and across cultures?"

Money or behind bars: the life of live streamers in China

A top live streamer’s monthly income can be as high as USD 291,000.

Will car-sharing fill in the gap between ride hailing and bike sharing in China?

These three car-sharing apps give you a glimpse of the emerging car-sharing market in China.

Building a project in a startup is like building a ship (in pictures)

Startup life is universal. Learn from China?

Online spoof of top 10 Hollywood stars in China’s history TV series

Tom Hiddleston and Matt Damon wear costumes from the Chinese literary classic, Water Margin... well, thanks to Adobe.

Bike-sharing: Is it Uber lite or just a passing fad?

Can the mass of new bike-sharing companies in China actually makelong term profits?

A visualization of the short-lived Uber China app

AllChinaTech looks back at Uber China’s over two years’ history in the world’s most populous internet market.

America coughs, China catches a cold: local netizens ate up fake news on Trump

Fake news, without fact-checking, may spread and influence millions.

China’s web celeb of the year Papi Jiang’s major investor asked for a breakup

Whatever was between Papi Jiang and Logic Talk Show is another relationship that failed to last.

Can Chinese bike sharing startups beat down the fraudsters and vandals?

Bikes for sharing in China are suffering needless damage. Will there be a way out?



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