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Chinese beautification apps push overseas boundaries, Cheetah Global Lab report says

Asian countries, as well as Brazil and Mexico, are major users of beauty apps.

What you must know about social media sharing in China

Tencent Tech reveals seven facts of online social sharing in China including netizens’ willingness to share, their frequency, and their content.

Papi Jiang sells her first advertisement for RMB 22 million

The money is being donated to Papi Jiang’s Alma Mater.

Big data and AI to lead the way for food delivery in China, Ele.me CEO says

The CEO of China's largest food delivery platform talks about tech innovation.

360 Cloud Drive bids goodbye to individual users

Qihoo 360 decided to stop offering cloud storage services for individual users, apparently for a cleaner cloud environment.

Chinese netizens react to Brexit

Chinese netizens react with varying levels of disbelief at Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

China Telecom to terminate all numbers without real-name registration in November

China demands the real-name registration of mobile users to crack down on telecom frauds and spam messages.

Photos: MUJI and its message in China

Japanese homeware store MUJI opened its 200th store in China. What is it that allows this “unbranded brand” to be popular? Will this popularity last?

Didi, Uber or Yidao? Chinese netizens figure it out

Chinese netizens came up with a workable calculation showing how to find the thriftiest ride in China



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