Group meetups 101: How does it work in New York?

Why fast-food restaurant style group meetups work in New York.

The Lunar New Year is foreign tech companies’ longest hangover

Most Chinese companies close during the lunar new year in China. But for foreign tech companies, it is a balancing act.

How can Donald Trump “cash” Jack Ma’s one-million-job check?

From Masayoshi Son to Jack Ma, Asia business tycoons have greeted Donald Trump.

Why Zhihu is not the Chinese copycat of Quora

Zhihu started off as a clone of Quora, but its functions and its impact have now expanded far beyond that.

What you must know about China’s online content consumerism

A director at an internet startup analyzes China's trend of consuming content online.

Why mental health apps bloomed in China in 2016

Mental health counseling is in high demand in China in 2016, and it’s being helped along by an explosion of mental health apps.

Shanghaier in New York: Feeling the smog in China

A Shanghaier weighs in on the seriousness of China's air pollution after a trip back home

Can film critics lower the quality of Chinese films?

Chinese film critic websites “Douban” and “Maoyan” were blamed for the poor showing of Chinese films in cinemas this year.

The top 10 Chinese tech business leaders on social media in 2016

Smartphone entrepreneurs are the most active social media users.

How to get Christmas decorations at USD 15 in China

That includes a Christmas tree and some ornaments.



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