Meet China’s No.1 personalized news aggregator “Today’s Headlines”

Jinri Toutiao takes the lead in using cutting-edge technology to supply personalized content recommendations to as many as 350 million users.

Top 10 Twitch-like websites in China

Twitch was acquired by Amazon for USD 970 million. Here are several Chinese streaming sites with unique features and good potentials.

Chinese online medical giant invests millions of dollars in dental SaaS provider

Growth in China’s online medical services sector is fueling a change in the landscape of traditional healthcare in the country.

A leak reveals new ofo bikes with advanced technology

Ofo plans to connect one million bikes by the end of this year.

Copycats are copying bikes in China

Beijing-based smart bike maker SpeedX launched bike sharing product Bluegogo.

Will Chinese bike sharing apps’ overseas expansions succeed?

Mobike and ofo recently announced their strategies for overseas expansion - will they have an edge in relatively developed markets?

How China’s smog is boosting tech startups

Weather apps and air monitors are hot in smog-haunted cities.

The top 5 MUJI copycats in China

The minimalist design trend has given Chinese startups some inspiration.

Are large layoffs by Chinese drone maker ZEROTECH a sign of an overheated market?

The Qualcomm backed drone manufacturer just confirmed job cutting.

Shanghai based MXCHIP bets brand on growth of Internet of Things

China’s MXCHIP hopes to grow with the trend of Internet of Things.



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