Smog in Beijing terminates the Dutch smog terminator

According to a test report, the Smog-Free Tower is not really freeing people from smog.

Cheetah Global Lab report: Top Chinese players in the Indian mobile internet market

China’s tech giants, including Tencent and Alibaba, have invested heavily in India.

Samsung is rumored to lay off 20% staff in China after the Note 7 explosions

Samsung’s staff in China are getting uneasy, waiting for confirmation of a rumored 20% staff layoff.

Tencent, Intel, and Haier jointly unveil TGP BOX at CES Asia

The booming game market is drawing more and more attention from tech giants.

Who should pay to fix the iPhone 6 Plus screen flickering problem?

Apple launched a Multi-Touch repair program for the iPhone 6 Plus to fix a screen flickering issue. Should users be satisfied?

Drone maker DJI rumored to be planning for an IPO in 2017

Rumor has it that DJI earned a net profit of USD 250 million in 2015 and is initiating IPO financing. DJI’s CEO has denied these rumors.

Will Xiaomi’s USD 15 camera Xiaofeng beat GoPro?

Xiaomi has launched a new RMB 99 (USD 15) home surveillance camera.

Sales of VR headsets increase 234 times on sold 150,000 VR headsets in the first half of 2016, most of which were connectable to smartphones.

An IPO in Hong Kong: China’s No. 1 selfie-editing app maker Meitu’s bitter and sweet moment

The selfie-app maker Meitu, with 456 million monthly active users IPOed in Hong Kong. What’s next?

GMIC VR Summit tips: Content a key to the growth of VR globally

Bosses from Ubisoft, Cmune, Razer and Trinus VR agree that technology and content are inseparable when it comes to VR game development.



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