China’s Q&A voice app Fenda lands millions of dollars funding from Tencent and others

With Tencent’s investment, app Fenda has gained a total of over USD 29 M in financing.

China’s ride hailing app Didi Chuxing to join the state Amber Alert network

Nearly 400 million DiDi riders can form a virtual volunteer network to help missing children.

Bring it on, Amazon: Alibaba’s AliCloud opens new global data centers

Alibaba’s Alicloud opened new data centers for cloud services to compete in the international arena.

Robin Li criticized for risking engineers’ lives in an autonomous vehicle stunt

The Baidu founder became a target of public criticism after a stunt at the Wuzhen Summit.

What tech bosses said on the first day of the Wuzhen Summit

Tech bosses talk about e-commerce, artificial intelligence, cyber security and innovations in the age of internet.

Can Amazon China steal cross border e-commerce businesses from Taobao?

Amazon China means both an opportunity and a challenge for Mainland Chinese sellers.

The West favors Amazon’s cloud over AliCloud. How Jack Ma can change the game

Cloud computing could be the next driver of growth for Alibaba, but they will have to overcome some challenges first.

Alibaba sales record marked USD 17.8 billion on Singles’ Day (updated)

It took Alibaba 13 hours to reach its Singles’ Day sales record of last year.

Is Alibaba at stake after Donald Trump won?

Trump’s policies will affect China and Jack Ma had something to say about it.

From severed hands to Singles’ Day: stories behind China’s shopping carnival

Alibaba’s trick to attract consumers’ attention has evolved from offering discounts to providing international brand products and a massive gala.



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