China’s No.2 e-commerce site reported massive passwords leakage

A 12G data package containing detailed information of users has been sold on the black market

The 5 most powerful women behind Jack Ma

Here are five influential women behind Alibaba’s No.1 founder, Jack Ma.

The top 10 technology searches in China in 2016

Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving are all among the top 10 technology searches of the year 2016 on Baidu.

The top 10 people searches in China in 2016

Song Joong Ki, Donald Trump and Fu Yuanhui are all among the most searched for people in 2016 on China’s most popular search engine.

This father used his daughter’s leukemia to lure nearly half a million USD over WeChat, then returned all the money

WeChat users donated millions to a girl with leukemia. The money is now returned. The girl’s father, who was receiving kindness, is now harshly condemned by the public.

Alipay is to start over its tarnished social network. What’s next?

Ant Financial head apologized for the lewd photos on Alipay, but what will follow when the blemish is cleaned?

Will the world be swept away in the WeChat revolution?

China’s number one instant messaging app is at the top of its game in the tech world. Will that same success be replicated in Asia and beyond?

Will these bottles of “fresh air” on Taobao be the antidote to smog?

People are selling bottled "fresh air" online to China's smog-suffering citizens. How many will buy it?

Jack Ma looks up to Facebook, turning its Alipay into a social network with payments

The Alipay app has introduced new functions to let strangers socialize. Will it give them an edge over their competitors?

Chinese shoppers surf online into Black Friday madness

Chinese shoppers show interest in Black Friday, although Chinese yuan dropped to eight-year low.



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