The top investments China’s BATX made in Southeast Asia

BATX companies Alibaba and Tencent make strategic investments in the world’s fastest growing internet region

A step by step guide on using WeChat’s Mini Program

WeChat Mini Program is easy to use, but saw non core app functions absent.

Alibaba’s mutual fund managed USD 96 billion in 2015

Yuebao, Alibaba’s online wealth management platform, released its 2015 financial earnings on Wednesday.

Go Big or Go Home: China’s news aggregator giant Toutiao CEO dismisses rumor of Tencent acquisition

Toutiao, the news aggregator app that attracts 480 million users, will remain independent.

Cash-strapped LeEco lands USD 2.4 B investment and obtains its second largest shareholder

Local real estate developer Sunac China contributed to the majority of this investment.

Alipay releases “AR Red Envelope” with Pokémon GO inspired features

Alipay launches its AR Red Packet about a month before the Spring Festival.

Why did LeEco get everyone talking at CES?

Despite LeEco recently having faced a financial crisis, it caught attention at CES this year

Baidu AI robot trumps humans in talent reality show following Master’s Go victories

From Master to Xiaodu, the humans are losing competitions to robots.

The latest Chinese mobile user interface trends might surprise you

User Interface Design is in a state of constant change. What are the latest trends unique to the Chinese market?

Sina launches live streaming function on Weibo

Sina Weibo is getting on board with the trend of social networks adding live streaming to their platforms.



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