Go Big or Go Home: China’s news aggregator giant Toutiao CEO dismisses rumor of Tencent acquisition

Toutiao, the news aggregator app that attracts 480 million users, will remain independent.

How Alibaba uses big data to combat fake cigarettes and pesticide (updated)

Alibaba’s 2,000-employee division traces the entire capital chain as well as the logistics information of fake products.

A leaked chat sparked a war of words between Xiaomi and LeEco and indicated a broken capital chain

LeEco and Xiaomi had a verbal fight, yet it's not clear who came out on top.

China’s No.2 e-commerce site JD.com reported massive passwords leakage

A 12G data package containing detailed information of JD.com users has been sold on the black market

Sina launches live streaming function on Weibo

Sina Weibo is getting on board with the trend of social networks adding live streaming to their platforms.

Will the world be swept away in the WeChat revolution?

China’s number one instant messaging app is at the top of its game in the tech world. Will that same success be replicated in Asia and beyond?

Alipay releases “AR Red Envelope” with Pokémon GO inspired features

Alipay launches its AR Red Packet about a month before the Spring Festival.

China’s Q&A voice app Fenda lands millions of dollars funding from Tencent and others

With Tencent’s investment, app Fenda has gained a total of over USD 29 M in financing.

Tencent leads USD 100M financing in Twitch-like game streaming site

Rumors that Tencent will be investing in the game-focused live video platform Douyu TV have just been confirmed, a move that will help Tencent beef up its online game business.

This father used his daughter’s leukemia to lure nearly half a million USD over WeChat, then returned all the money

WeChat users donated millions to a girl with leukemia. The money is now returned. The girl’s father, who was receiving kindness, is now harshly condemned by the public.



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