How much do Chinese people know about AI?

China has some dope AI experts, but its people seem to know little about the technology.

Why WeWork will go down the same path as Uber in China

Co-working race in China will be the next major battlefield between international players and domestic startups

How a USD 3.3 billion LeSports fell apart

A look back at LeSports’ five-year history amid its parent company LeEco’s volatile instability.

Photos: Shenzhen electronics market Huaqiangbei remains a knockoff paradise

Find out what's hot in this mega knockoff market.


Zeebike wants to make e-scooter rentals more mainstream in China

Will the success of the bike-sharing trend be the same for e-scooters?

Ankerbox aims to cash in on China’s latest power bank rental hype (updated)

Investors bet on the power bank rental market by pouring cash into several startups.

Air Matters: the app based on big data supports a smart home system

The app by an independent developer was chosen as the Best New App multiple times in the China App Store.

Meet Air Matters: the app alerting millions on air quality

It is the most downloaded free app in 2013 among all categories in China’s App Store.


Google’s AlphaGo beats Go world champion Ke Jie with 3-0 victory in China (updated)

China's Ke Jie tested its AI competitor’s limits. And he's lost two games so far.

How is China reacting to AlphaGo’s battle with Ke Jie?

Surprise! Ke Jie from China lost two games in the three-part match.

Xiaomi’s new Mi Max 2 is bigger than an iPhone 7 Plus

Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 6 and Mix models are for hardcore fans while its Mi Max 2 with large screens are for general users.

Photos: Jia Yueting’s glorious and dim days at LeEco

Jia Yueting steps down as LeEco’s CEO but remains as chairman.

Tech Financing

TF in China this week – Umbrella rentals proves thriving success of the sharing economy

Bringing you the latest financing highlights in the tech sector.

India’s AI based multilingual chatbot raises undisclosed amount, & more

The smart multilingual tool aims to solve India’s linguistic barrier problem for business owners.

Krund secures Series A to build brilliant “brains” into its service robots, & more

Robotics startup Krund builds super “brains” for its robots to enable better interaction with humans.

Chinese investor Fosun eyes India’s e-commerce platform Delhivery, & more

The e-commerce platform delivers across 800 cities across India everyday.


5 smart home appliances in China that can complicate your life

Hopefully, tech companies will be able to perfect smart gadget interaction as the industry matures.

Big data and wearable devices are changing the healthcare industry

Wearables like the YONO in-ear ovulation tracker bring meaningful insights to healthcare research.

Can the Mi 6 phone woo the global market with its dazzling blue glass shell and dual cameras?

The Mi 6 phone is armed with some trendy features including a dual camera and curved screens.

Why are Chinese consumers spending more on smart gadgets?

Chinese consumers’ demand for smart appliances continues to grow despite a slow economy.


Campaign results: 20 must-know startups in video

Highlights from AllChinaTech’s video storytelling project and online campaign

20 must-know startups in China: Tujia (Video)

Although not the first of its kind in the world or even in China, Tujia managed to become China’s largest home rental platform.

20 must-know startups in China: Muniao (Video)

Muniao now has 600,000 homes and serviced apartments at 396 Chinese cities on its platform.

20 must-know startups in China: Amy Robotics (Video)

Amy mainly targets businesses, including hospitals and shopping malls, as well as high-end consumers globally.

Tech Junction

Tech Junction: New Space 99 degree AI class review

Read our reviews on tech events in Beijing. We rate the events, and you decide whether you want to go or not.

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