/A photo guide on sending and receiving “AR red envelopes” on Alipay

A photo guide on sending and receiving “AR red envelopes” on Alipay

Who doesn’t love receiving red envelopes and lucky money? Alibaba’s Alipay went a step further by providing its 450 million registered users the joy of sending and receiving “AR red envelopes”, with enhanced features that make users send and find “hidden red packets” while encouraging interaction with friends.

AllChinaTech has specially created this step-by-step guide on how to send and receive an AR red envelope on Alipay. Do make sure that you have updated the Alipay app to the 10.0.0 version.

1.Launch the Alipay app and click on “Lucky Money”. Then, you will see the “AR Red Envelope” button.

12. The AR Red Envelope feature allows users to “hide” and “seek” red envelopes.


3. To “hide” a red envelope, you need to hold the phone over a specific place or object, as indicated on the app, for several seconds.


4. Set the total amount of money and number of red envelopes you would like to “hide” or send, and indicate if you want to send the envelope to only friends or everyone.


5. The red envelope “hiding” is done.


6. To “seek” a red envelope, click “Zhao Hongbao”, which means to find a red envelope. All nearby red envelopes are displayed on the screen map, but you can only click on those envelopes that are within the circle. So if you want to “seek” more red envelopes, you need to step outside of your home.


7. Hold the button and the clue will pop up.


8. Find the clue in real world physical location and scan to receive lucky money. After that, an adorable red envelope will greet you. Tap on it to open.


9. The red envelope “seeking” is done.


(All photos are screenshots from Alipay)

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