/20 must-know startups in China: Xiaopeng Motors (Video)

20 must-know startups in China: Xiaopeng Motors (Video)

Automobiles changed the world when they were first invented. In the 21st century, the polluting problems of traditional vehicles have become impossible to ignore. At the same time, advances in computing, electronics, and other areas have created new technological possibilities for cars, giving rise to the new Electric Vehicles industry.

Xiaopeng Motors is a company riding this wave of new possibilities, creating internet-connected electric vehicles. They see themselves as not simply an automobile company, but rather as an automobile company in the tech sector.

Co-Founder and President: Henry Xia

Company: Xiaopeng Motors

Founded in: 2014

Headquarters: Guangzhou

Latest financing: Series A

Here’s a video interview with Henry Xia:

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