/Xiaomi’s VR headset: an upgraded Google Cardboard?

Xiaomi’s VR headset: an upgraded Google Cardboard?

Smartphone maker Xiaomi on Thursday introduced a toy version of its VR headset on Weibo. The lycra cotton-covered headset with zipper design supports smartphones that size from 4.7 inches to 5.7 inches. It is now at the open beta test stage.

Xiaomi released three videos has since Monday on the new product, and has had people from different walks of life trying it. Accounts of the user experience and the price are not available yet.

According to Xiaomi, the relatively soft material of lycra cotton makes it more comfortable for users to wear. Additionally, the zipper design will have the smartphone firmly fixed into the headset, saving users the trouble of worrying that it might fall off during their VR experience.

Photo from Tencent Tech
Photo from Tencent Tech

Other features such as the curvature of glasses, the anti-glare lenses and the home button are designed to be user-friendly. Consumers have six options to choose for their favorite graphic design of the headset.

Photo from Tencent Tech
Photo from Tencent Tech

Aside from the headset, Xiaomi will also introduce VR app software that consists of panoramic videos and 3D movies, games, and other applications for VR. All this will be built upon Xiaomi’s tens of millions of smartphone users.

All in all, since the product released today is called “the toy version”, we may expect to see a more “serious” version of the Xiaomi VR headset, with even better performance.

(Top photo from Tencent Tech)

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