Google China becomes Google Beijing as it shifts office

Google China’s new headquarters is much smaller, though more fashionable.

Tencent accused for swindlers on WeChat

Thousands of WeChat users were cheated by online micro businessmen and they sued Tencent.

Game on! Didi to compete with CAR Inc. in car rental business

After acquiring Uber China, Didi now is introducing online car rental services, without owning cars for leasing out itself.

Alibaba’s ex-CEO Jonathan Lu retires: a 16-year timeline of Alibaba

The ex-CEO that worked at Alibaba for 16 years retires, having witnessed the company's ups and downs.


The 3-star startup menu for startup success

If Unicorn status was judged with the same scrupulous level of detail as the Michelin Guide, there would not be as many Unicorns, said Steven Tong, Managing Director of Startupbootcamp Fintech Singapore

China’s new P2P lending regulations put in place a negative list

The China Banking Regulatory Commission said that there are 1778 P2P lending platforms with problems.

Interview: Juesheng CEO shares his vision to conquer China’s USD 240 billion education market

Juesheng aims to build a bridge between consumers and the most appropriate providers of educational services.

He made his first US$1M at the age of 18 and US$100M at 23, and now sold his adtech firm for US$900M at 34, a global adtech company started by serial entrepreneur Divyank Turakhia, has been acquired by a consortium of Chinese investors for US$900M


Alibaba-backed smart car company announces partnership with leading car rental platform Atzuche

The partnership with Atzuche is Alibaba’s latest move in its long-term strategy for Internet cars and smart cars.

Huawei to start smartphone manufacturing in India

China’s largest smartphone maker Huawei will begin manufacturing phones in India.

China’s NetEase is to launch its VR/AR games

NetEase will bring VR into its live streaming and online courses, and plans to launch its AR game within 2016.

Who’s the Chinese investor pumping USD 5 M into AR maker Magic Leap?

Chinese smart city solution provider Enjoyor invested USD five million in AR startup Magic Leap.


Meet five out of the 30 most influential investors in China

Suggestions to entrepreneurs from five of the 30 most influential Chinese investors.

Immune to real-name registration? Telecom frauds cause deaths in China

Scammers buy people’s identity information for their real-name telecom frauds.

An ongoing nightmare for Chinese teens: electrical shocks to treat internet addiction

An Internet addiction treatment center under a media storm due to its cruel treatment

How the sharing economy is fighting racial discrimination

It can happen to anyone, anywhere. Here’s what Asian startups can learn from the #AirbnbWhileBlack case.




Video media platform Baofeng acquires 3 companies with USD 476 M

After this acquisition, Baofeng will enter film and television, gaming and overseas business as part of its data technology-based entertainment strategy.