China’s opens offline stores to take on Alibaba

The race among e-commerce firms has expanded from online to offline stores.

Troubled LeEco sells TV business shares in a deal worth USD 105 M

LeEco’s television business turned out to be popular among investors.

The top 3 reasons why Xiaomi lost its crown in China

Big cities and small towns are two completely different markets for smartphones in China.

What you must know about Baidu’s AR developments

Baidu’s chief scientist Andrew Ng shared Baidu’s strategies for AR development at lab launch.


Are bikeshare startups a reliable bank for deposits?

So far there are no regulations concerning the use of deposits.

Startup 101: Surviving and growing in China’s internet arena

How new startups can remain competitive in a market with slower growth and changing consumer mindsets.

Will vandalism shatter bike sharing in China?

Despite their popularity, bike sharing apps are struggling against an onslaught of vandalism.

Shanghai authorities to regulate bike sharing to keep away children

It turns out that bike sharing apps have created some risks to safety.


Xiaomi to sell its 4K Mi Drone on March 3 with major updates

After almost a year since its release, the drone to go on sale has been upgraded.

Is this glorified golf-cart the future of China’s electric vehicle industry

China's anti-Teslas are experiencing a massive boom despite a lack of government support

The top 5 driverless car makers in China

There are tech giants like Baidu and LeEco, as well as startups.

Huawei joins the heated driverless car race via the Internet of Vehicles

The company confirmed that it's using 5G technology to test autonomous driving in Germany.


Are prefab houses the answer to urban housing shortage?

The good and bad of prefabricated construction.

How mHealth has failed to revolutionize China’s healthcare

Hailed as the solution to China’s complex healthcare system, mHealth is now struggling to make profits.

6 fabulous prefab buildings from all over the world

The idea of prefabricated buildings can sound artless and industrial, but in reality they are anything but.

The top 5 ugliest electric vehicles in China

China’s booming EV industry gives rise to beautiful models and some very ugly ducklings.


20 must-know startups in China: Tujia (Video)

Although not the first of its kind in the world or even in China, Tujia managed to become China’s largest home rental platform.

20 must-know startups in China: Muniao (Video)

Muniao now has 600,000 homes and serviced apartments at 396 Chinese cities on its platform.

20 must-know startups in China: Comper (Video)

Comper Healthcare, a home medical devices maker, wants to help women get pregnant with a smart thermometer.

20 must-know startups in China: FiresVR (Video)

FiresVR is an important emerging player in the VR industry in China.



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China’s largest delivery company S.F. Express plans to list on China’s stock market

S.F. Express plans to launch an IPO to secure its position in the Chinese market, since its rivals have already listed or are in the process of doing so.